"I think a lot about the all the elements of an event. The music guides the evening and creates a through line. The dancing. The lighting. The laughing. The eyes watching. All of these things are elements to expand the experience of the music and make the difference between dancing in your bedroom at night and dancing at your best friend's wedding. I love being a D.J. and leading Jarrell Entertainment to provide  not only the music but all the things that help guest experience the music. I get to make peoples dream evening become a reality. I'm a lucky, lucky man." - Ray Jarrell




Jarrell Entertainment is a leader in entertainment creation for event planners, as well as corporate planners. JE assesses the client's needs and then creates it. Every minute of your event is choreographed with care by our team to ensure success. Whether it's producing the right mix for an entire set of bride and groom's favorites, go-go dancers on cubes to get the President of Dell dancing or a sound system that ensures your CEO with a quiet voice will be heard, JE puts together the right elements with the right mix to make it happen. 


Jarrell Entertainment has long been the preferred vendor for top venues, corporate planners, and event planners in New York, the Hamptons, Los Angeles Miami, and around the globe. Their ability to mold to the moment is their value added. Their reputation has been noted in numerous publications including The New York Times, Hamptons Magazine, Brides, Verve, New York Magazine, and InStyle. 


If you ask Ray Jarrell about his successful approach to entertainment, he says it's all about mirroring what the client wants and at the same time being open to what's happening during the event. And, of course, his love of music, people and what can happen when the right mix is created between the two. 


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