RAY Founder, Creative Director


Ray's world is found in music. His ability to create memorable experiences on the dance floor (or even dancing on tables) is absolutely magical and has been cultivated by his eighteen years of experience DJing parties and events. From listening to his mother's collection of vinyl as a kid to collecting records throughout his travels, Ray's musical journey has not only formed him into the DJ he is today but has also provided him with vast insight into the art of curating music. As a DJ, Ray possesses all that one desires – an insane ear for music, a rapturous appetite to discover the newest and hottest tracks, and an uncanny ability to tap into the energy of a room. He has played alongside such electrifying artists as Flo Rida in the Bahamas, Train in New York City, as well as a vast array of events worldwide. Ray has been recognized by Harper’s Bazar among other noteworthy publications. 

Every event provides a unique opportunity for Ray to embrace the client's vision and curate music to exceed their expectations. He possesses an unstoppable combination of natural affinities and expertise developed by heading up his successful and longstanding company Jarrell Entertainment.

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