Although born and raised in New York, Emanuel’s roots go way back to Iran and Israel.  As a first generation American, he has a sensible balance of both American culture and his ethnicity.  As a DJ, this cultural blend serves as a sound foundation to bring unparalleled creativity to dance floors across NYC, LA, Miami, Dubai, India, Italy, and Israel. 


His father, Nader [a well known Persian singer], is the source of Emanuel’s inspiration to become a DJ.  In Emanuel’s early years, he assisted Nader at countless celebrations both grand and intimate. Through formal training and extensive experience of 12 years as a DJ, Emanuel has become proficient in several genres of music ranging from American, Hebrew, Farsi/Persian, Spanish, Indian, Greek, Turkish, and many more.  To fortify his craft, he learned to play several instruments, and percussion became his strongest suit. No matter the venue, he always creates euphoria on the dance floor.

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