Eccentric Wedding Venues in NYC

Location, location, location. A simple word, a familiar phrase, and a complicated decision for any engaged couple. This weekend, DJ Ray is spinning at a wedding in a very unlikely location–the famous Katz’s Deli in NYC. Known for it’s hot pastrami sandwiches and potato pancakes, it may come as a surprise to some that the delicious deli could easily serve as a wedding venue too. We beg to differ. In fact, one of our very own has donned a wedding gown and posed behind the counter.

Inspired by the unwavering love for Katz’s deli, we chose to cover some unique wedding spots in NYC for this Wedding Wednesday. So check them out, and enjoy!

1. City Winery
Nestled away in Soho’s Hudson Square is Manhattan’s last full functioning Winery. Along with its restaurant and bar, City Winery also hosts private events, weddings, and live music shows. The rustic decor and wine making facilities are perfect for couples dying for some country charm in this bustling city. You can also make your own barrel of private-label wine. Never worry about Christmas presents again!

2. Galapagos Arts Space
Located in Brooklyn, this venue houses a 1,600 ft lake! Guests can maneuver around the space by a chain of connected islands located on top of the lake. A wrap around mezzanine has tables and chairs for dinner and drinks.

3. Brooklyn Winery
Committed to BK? Check out the Brooklyn Winery. This space has an outdoor courtyard and a Harvest Room for your nuptials.

4. Banchet Flowers and the Flower Bar
Why arrange flowers and bouquets when you can just have your wedding at a florist shop! Exposed brick is the accent piece in this 1800 sq foot space. Did we mention it smells great?

5. Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
Housing Works Bookstore Cafe is fighting AIDS one book at a time. The bookstore is staffed almost exclusively by volunteers and 100% of profits go to Housing Works, which provides housing, medical, prevention, and support services for those living in New York. The space is available for rental, boasting an air of sophistication with its spiral staircases and mahogany-paneled balconies and bookshelves.

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